AI-powering Greece

The Project

Smart Attica European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) is the first EDIH for Artificial Intelligence in Greece
and operates in three critical business sectors of the Greek economy:
Energy & Environment, Supply chain & Mobility, Culture & Tourism.

It focuses on the digital transformation of SMEs and public sector organisations and aims to advance their digital maturity.

Digital Transformation services

The EDIH will offer four types of innovation services in the following categories:
test before invest, innovation ecosystem and networking opportunities, skills and training and support to find investment

Smart Attica will provide the appropriate framework and expert guidance to the organisations, allowing them to apply new tools and innovative business models and assess the technical and business potential of their concepts.


Smart Attica services will build upon the Hub's expertise on Artificial Intelligence, supported by the HPC & Cybersecurity partnership's know-how. The services will integrate the human-centric, ethics-by-design European AI vision and infuse resilience and sustainability considerations across service provision.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

High-performance Computing (HPC)


Application Areas

Energy & Environment

Αiming at the optimum use of natural resources & the environmental impact

As Attica is lagging behind other regions in Europe in the use of natural resources, waste management, energy efficiency and cyclical economy, the Hub will coordinate efforts of the private and public sectors to advance the deployment of innovative AI and digital solutions for optimisation and minimise the impact to the environment.

Supply chain & Mobility

Focusing on the design of efficient & innovative end-to-end smart supply chain

The intense activity of Greece and Attica, along with the strong dependence of various sectors on the supply chain operation and efficiency, poses a strong need for implementing and actuating highly innovative, cross-sector analytics and AI solutions, respecting urban mobility and transportation constraints.

Culture & Tourism

Addressing the digital empowerment of citizens’ & visitors’ experience

There is a need to upscale all digital services provided to citizens and visitors, taking advantage of advanced technologies so as to offer high quality experience, apps, virtual tours, onsite digital aids, etc. New forms of creation, production, distribution, access and participation, empowered by innovative business models, that can boost significantly the entire sector.


Accelerate the digital transformation of SMEs & public sector organisations in the Attica region/ Increase digital maturity of the region

Enhance SMEs competitiveness locally & across the EU

Contribute to the digital transformation at a national level / Replicate successful pilots to other regions that the Hub has establishments

Enhance the position of Attica & Greece in the context of Digital Transformation

Enhance the Environmental Transformation of companies, public organisations & territories in Attica & Greece

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Consortium Partners

National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos
Athens University of Economics & Business
National Technical University of Athens
Institute of Communication and Computer Systems
Athena Research Center
National Documentation Centre
National Infrastructures for Research & Technology (GRNET)
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
National Bank of Greece
Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV)
Onassis Foundation
Hellenic Chamber of Hotels
Athens Development & Destination Management Agency
Regional Development Fund of Attica

Associate Partners

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Aethon Engineering
AI Catalyst
Anavathmisi SA
1- Archeiothiki_διαφανές
Business Partner Network Financial & Business Advisors
cognitiv plus
Eight Bells
FEAC Engineering
Future Intelligence
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Linked Business
Local AI
Make Amazing
Medoid AI
Motor Oil Hellas
Nomiki Bibliothiki
PB Social Media_v12
Schneider Electric
SEKEE - Hellenic Association of Innovative Applications Companies

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