“Cybersecurity and practices to protect against financial fraud” | SEV Industry 4.0 roundtable

Smart Attica’s partner, SEV | Stegi organised the 7th Industry Roundtable 4.0 “Cybersecurity and practices to protect against financial fraud” for the empowerment of businesses on digital transformation issues, on Wednesday 29 November 2023 at SEV’s premises.

The round table focused on the threats and risks of financial deception associated with the digital transactions. Through case studies, the discussion focused on cyber protection for businesses’ financial transactions and financial relationships with customers and suppliers, as well as on raising awareness of cybersecurity among staff members and reducing the costs of cybersecurity incidents.

The round table discussed digital tools and practices that allow every business to pursue, among others:

  • Protect financial assets from digital fraud risks
  • Protecting suppliers and customers from exposure to financial fraud risks
  • Strengthening staff cybersecurity culture
  • Reducing the cost of cybersecurity incidents.

Find the PR of the event here.

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