DIGITAL SME summit 2023

Smart Attica EDIH is excited to participate in the DIGITAL SME summit 2023, an annual event that will be held on Monday 13 November, at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. Periklis Terlixidis, Smart Attica EDIH Manager, will engage in the session “Success Stories in European Digital Innovation Hubs-Driving Digital Decade Targets“, sharing the hub’s mission and digital innovation services towards the digital transformation of smes and public sector organisations.

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance summit aims to advocate for a new paradigm in the 21st-century Digital Society, emphasising the pivotal role of innovative European smes. It will bring together SMEs from across Europe and key figures from policy, business, academia, and civil society to discuss SMEs’ role in sustainable digitalisation. It will also serve as a platform to showcase their digital solutions for Europe’s twin transition – digital and green – and address global challenges. Furthermore, the summit will to the formulation of policies for a transformative digital EU agenda.

For more information and to view the full agenda of the DIGITAL SME Summit 2023, please visit the link.

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