The first Meeting of the Innovation Team for the Public Sector

On Friday 3 November 2023, the first meeting of the “Innovation Team for the Public sector” took place at the premises of Health Hub, within JOIST Innovation Park in Larissa. The team was established to support the General Secretariat of Public Administration in the development of the National Action Plan for Innovation in the Public Sector.

The main objectives of the meeting were to present the policy framework for designing the Innovation System in the Public Sector and to plan the team’s work in preparing the National Action Plan for Innovation in the Public Sector. This work also included the development of actions and tools of the Innovation System.

Periklis Terlixidis and Denia Kanellopoulou participated the meeting on behalf of Smart Attica EDIH. The event was attended by the Secretary General of Public Administration, Dimitris Kirmikiroglou, as well as representatives from the Ministries of Interior, Digital Governance, and Development and Investments, along with members from the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities, the Association of Regions, and the recently established European Digital Innovation Hubs

During the meeting, the Innovation Team focused on the challenges and planning of its activities for the development of the National Action Plan for Innovation in the Public Sector. Specifically, the representatives addressed various key topics:

  • The role of European Digital Innovation Hubs in the public sector innovation ecosystem.

  • Presentation of Law Ν. 5027/2023, “Introduction of the Innovation System in the Public Sector” and the next steps for its implementation.

  • The process of fostering innovation within the public sector and supporting public employees in their work by providing them with an innovation toolkit.

  • The implementation of Acceleration Programmes in the Public Sector Innovation System to facilitate the development of innovative public services.

  • The integration of innovation labs into the operation of the public sector to enhance the skills of public employees and improve the flow of information and knowledge among public entities. 

  • Next steps for organising the first Innovation Forum and the National Competition for Prototypes and Innovation, scheduled to take place in the near future under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior.

The Press Release is available in Greek.

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