Immersive Proof-of-Concept 2024 | Οpen Call

Smart Attica’s partner, Onassis is launching the first open call for Greek digital artists to experiment with emerging technologies and new media and create digital worlds and evolutionary immersive experiences that go beyond the bounds of conventional artistic storytelling.

The Immersive Proof-of-Concept is designed to overcome the challenges of creating a digital production, supporting creators from initial concept creation prototype development… and beyond. During the program, participants will have multiple presentation opportunities concluding to a final showcase of an artwork of high artistic quality, technical functionality and financial viability (Proof of Concept).

The program addresses to artists, producers, creative coders, and creative researchers and their teams, as well as anyone who enjoys creating new words with emerging technologies.


The POC international program is focused on the creation of innovative artistic works and will last between April and December 2024.


The deadline to apply is Wednesday 20 March 2024.

The program will take place in Athens and online, and it will be conducted in English. The application form, program description, and participation rules are therefore only available in English.

Find here the required documents for your application.

What it offers

Selected teams will receive seed-funding (up to €10,000) for prototype development, as well as personalized mentoring and coaching from artists and producers with international experience over a 6-month period.

They will also have the opportunity to participate in work-in-progress presentations and showcases in industry partners, market professionals and the audience.

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