Our new Associate Partners!

Smart Attica EDIH is glad to welcome its new Associate Partners, who are joining our dynamic network that is constantly growing. The associate partners are companies and organisations in Greece, who are eager to adopt the hub’s technological solutions and contribute to delivering Smart Attica’s services to the EDIH beneficiaries. 

The addition of Associate Partners is a key success factor for the project. It establishes a connection with the Greek economy, ensuring that sector-specific needs are addressed and prioritised in our operational planning. Furthermore, it provides a pool of tech pioneers who will experiment with Smart Attica’s test-beds and other services. These partnerships form a robust network of tech enablers capable of complementing, scaling, and delivering the hub’s solutions to their clients.

Our new associate partnes, in alphabetical order, are: AETHON Engineering, Business Partner Network, Ensight, Hypernetica, Local AI, Make Amazing, Medoid AI, Schneider Electric and Tekmon.

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