Smart Attica EDIH featured in ahedd DIH’s latest newsletter, unveiling Greece’s first AI Innovation Hub

Smart Attica EDIH was featured in the latest newsletter of ahedd DIH, which was published in June. ahedd DIH, NCSR Demokritos is the coordinator of Smart Attica EDIH, a hub that involves the largest part of the research and academic excellence in Attica across the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Internet of Things. It also includes key players in the innovation space, computational infrastructure, culture and catalyst partners for financial support and dissemination of digital solutions we will create.

Smart Attica EDIH is the first European Digital Innovation Hub for Artificial Intelligence in Greece. It focuses on the Attica region as a model for the digital transformation of Greece and other European regions. The hub emphasises on three critical business sectors of the Greek economy: Energy & Environment, Supply chain & Mobility, Culture & Tourism.

The hub aims to support SMEs and public sector organisations in their digital transformation journey and advance their digital maturity. The EDIH offers innovation services based on the hub’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, High Performance Computing applications, 5G technology and Cyber Security. These services can be classified into four types: i)  test before invest; ii)  innovation ecosystem and networking; iii) skills and training; and iv) support to find investment. These services align with the human-centric ethics-by-design European AI vision and incorporate resilience and sustainability considerations.

Smart Attica projects

In the first six months of the hub’s operation, the partners have designed and developed five projects that span across the three business sectors of the Greek economy Smart Attica focuses on: Energy & Environment, Supply chain & Mobility, Culture & Tourism. More specifically:

  • the first project aims to provide digital innovation services for the tourism industry, with a particular focus on hotels. 

  • The second project proposes innovation services to the Central Market of Athens and Thessaloniki, covering the food and supply chain industry

  • Meanwhile, the third project targets municipalities across Greece, offering networking, funding, training and technological solutions. 

  • The fourth project is centered around the energy and environment sector, specifically aimed at providing advanced services for Water Cycle Management to EYDAP, the largest company in Greece operating in the water supply, sewerage, and wastewater treatment sector. 

  • The fifth project aims to establish a process that facilitates the inclusion of start-ups and innovative SMEs into the Smart Attica EDIH, connecting them with research teams.

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